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Friday, July 18, 2014

Faux Brick Walkway

I saw this in one of my Dad's Handyman Magazine Issues
years ago and have wanted to do it  ever since.
The magazines directions were to use a 6'' roller and special  cement paint. I just tweaked the materials a bit to make less expensive.

I hosed the walkway with high pressure from my garden hose.
The next day I used a mixture of craft paint I picked up at garage sales - oranges, reds, browns, etc. and Dollar Tree sponges.
 With weather in the 100's it took longer than planned,
too hot to work on during the day.

So I worked on it a little each morning. 

 I was usually able to get a section done a day.

It didn't turn out perfect which is good.
I wanted it to blend with the rest of my salvaged brick ''patios''
and garden edgings that I put together like a jigsaw puzzles with: cemented together clumps, cement left on, halves and pieces of bricks from my Dad's used brick pile.

I ended up putting one coat of cement sealer
 on which I was torn about. I wanted it to develop that worn look, but was afraid that when it got to the look I wanted, I'd never get around to putting a sealer on.
I got up at 5am to put that coat of sealer on it while it was only 80*.
It started sprinkling half way through!
 I ignored it and finished.
The sprinkling didn't amount to much
but I think Mother Nature doesn't like me!
Next :
the driveway?
Maybe someday! 

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  1. I feel like we may be cut from the same cloth Debra :) First let me say I love it!! I too am in the midst of doing my patio but mine is in a round river rock pattern. I actually had mine done in the same river rock pattern years ago, but I had those shapes tiny sizes and silly me did not put enough clear spray over it to protect it from high traffic so it got so scuffed it lost it's good looks, So now I'm going to do a 3 part look, and do some in Big River Rock Stones Round in shape, and then some as faux gray weather planks. Because it will be on my western theme outdoor patio area. And then I may put a painted rug pattern down too somewhere in the mix. I'm still working on my wall out there with my western town & desert scene. But oh my, I do love this technique don't you? Debra it turned out so good! That nook looks so charming & inviting. I paint on everything lol Now I'm going to zoom in and see all your pretty country charming pieces that make it such a sweet place to sit & visit. I love that old metal twin lawn glider. I had one that I sold sort of like that & boy do regret selling it now. By the way sweet lady, thank you for my heads up on my purex amazon win! I claimed it in time thank you!! I was actually working on my Spellbinders post to get up soon & seen your blog comment come in for me. Now I'm off to read your Spellbinders post for I see it on your side bar. I will share all these great post of yours Debra so others see them too. I'm excited about my Spellbinders post, I love that we get something so unique to do in crafts with purex & a new company. Cant wait to see your post now as well. Have a great weekend Debra :) Hope it's a blessed one for you & yours ~Julie over at http://mamawjsmomentaway.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Deb, WOW you did a fantastic job with the brick walkway and it looks wonderful. What a huge difference to the entrance. The color is perfect and it looks so real.
    Great job!!!
    Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  3. What a time consuming project! It turned out beautifully though. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. We'll be featuring this at Someday Crafts tomorrow!

  4. A very pretty result! Things always takes 10 times longer than one think...

  5. What an awesome idea to update a walkway...it looks outstanding!!! Thanks so much for sharing it at my Show and Share Party.


  6. Love this idea. Need alot of patience i'd imagine. Maybe you can come do ours??

  7. I LOVE the walkway - it looks great... .and much cheaper than real brick.... such a good idea. Thank you for sharing. :)

  8. Totally love this as I did the same thing 3 years ago on my outside patio!!!


  9. I've been wanting to do the same thing!


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