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Friday, July 18, 2014

Faux Brick Walkway

I saw this in one of my Dad's Handyman Magazine Issues
years ago and have wanted to do it  ever since.
The magazines directions were to use a 6'' roller and special  cement paint. I just tweaked the materials a bit to make less expensive.

I hosed the walkway with high pressure from my garden hose.
The next day I used a mixture of craft paint I picked up at garage sales - oranges, reds, browns, etc. and Dollar Tree sponges.
 With weather in the 100's it took longer than planned,
too hot to work on during the day.

So I worked on it a little each morning. 

 I was usually able to get a section done a day.

It didn't turn out perfect which is good.
I wanted it to blend with the rest of my salvaged brick ''patios''
and garden edgings that I put together like a jigsaw puzzles with: cemented together clumps, cement left on, halves and pieces of bricks from my Dad's used brick pile.

I ended up putting one coat of cement sealer
 on which I was torn about. I wanted it to develop that worn look, but was afraid that when it got to the look I wanted, I'd never get around to putting a sealer on.
I got up at 5am to put that coat of sealer on it while it was only 80*.
It started sprinkling half way through!
 I ignored it and finished.
The sprinkling didn't amount to much
but I think Mother Nature doesn't like me!
Next :
the driveway?
Maybe someday! 


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