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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dog Door Installed!

Well, I had a smart idea...key word - had :/

It felt I was playing door man to the dogs all day long. Since my computer is closest to the back sliding door they would come to me when they wanted out. And of course none of the three wanted to go out at the same time, so I was constantly up and down.

I thought it would be awesome to have a dog door. They could let themselves in and out whenever they wanted and I could maybe get something accomplished without getting interrupted all the time.

I purchased a dog door that fit inside the sliding door track. Woo hoo! They loved it. The cats even figured it out.
But we had an issue.
Being in a K&B home nothing is quite the average size.
Don't get me wrong I LVE my home.
But as you can see with the dog door in we had very little room for us to go through the sliding door. My laundry basket wouldn't even fit so I could get out to hang the laundry on the line.

Finally something had to be done!

It was time to put a dog door in the wall.
*nail biting starts*
 T attacked with the Sawzall like he knew what he was doing!

The hardest part was getting through the stucco on the outside.
But he managed to do it amazingly well.

Then a little rewiring was in order to make sure it wasn't in the way of where the door was going. Wood reinforcements were added around the opening too.

Installation was done,
It's in! Holes patched
(including previous nicks and gouges)

and painted.



He did an amazing job!

And best of all now there's plenty of room to carry things in
and out of the door! :)

And I don't have to play doorman :)
Thank you T!!!


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