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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Road Trip Pt. 1

We decided to go for a drive the other day. Just to see "something" different. It was good to see this field of green Alfalfa

and blooming Almonds.

But where you would normally see Spring time green
was drought brown....

 There were patches of green from time to time but nothing like it should be looking.

We ended up at Casa de Fruta, it's always a fun stop.
Peacocks are usually roaming around but they were no where in sight. Until we looked up! They were roosting in their big tree!
Can you spot this one?

Ah that's better now you can see him.

Love this big pond that is there.

T & C took the dogs for a walk
which they thoroughly enjoyed.

We always play around this section near the Shop. But we have yet to explore the WHOLE place which takes up several acres with different shops here at there, such as Casa de Coffee, Casa de Restaurant, Case de Wine, Casa de Sweets, Casa de Amusement, and so on an so on!
That will be coming in the near future, hopefully.

After we left the "Peacock Tree", I could hear them calling. I walked back and there they were looking down at me. I think they wanted some attention!

The females are a little harder to see because they don't have that wonderful plumage the males do.

I could also hear another one calling..."help" ''help''  in the distance. That's what there call sounds like btw. They also make good watch dogs birds. I followed the call and look who I found!

Sitting up on a sign in all his glory, I think he was jealous fo the attention the others were getting.

He posed one way and then the other. 

Such gorgeousness.

The he got up and strutted his stuff along the cat bird walk!

Got to the end and then posed as still as can be.
 Oh yeah, he's the man!


To be continued.........

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