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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still Waiting for Winter

Old Man Winter sped through this year and only stopped for a few days to bring us a measly 1.06 inches of rain compared to our average of 12.8 inches.  Needless to say Governor Brown has declared a severe drought. They are even talking about running out of drinking water.. The last bad drought we had was in 1977, I remember  having a terrace full of potted plants and wondering how the heck I was going to justify watering them.  Brandon was a baby and we were living in in Foster City CA at the time.  I remember some of my ''techniques'' that got me through that time and saved my then precious plants.
Of course, maintenance came by to install bricks in the water tanks of the toilets and low flow shower heads.
I saved the water from anything I had to boil (ie. baby bottles, veggies, even hot dogs!) let it cool then used it to water my plants. I showered with a bucket to catch any stray water. Since we were in a townhouse I had a portable washing machine that hooked up to the sink. I would catch the wash and rinse water from the laundry loads. Hand washables were washed in a plastic tub to save the water when done. Plants don't mind gray water and all those little things I did got the plants through, didn't loose a one!
This year will be much different though. No more saving any gray water. We have a Water Softener and although plants don't mind gray water they DO mind salt water. I've already lost a few because I kept waiting for the rain to water my gardens to save on my water bill. When it didn't come, the plants were dehydrated and the frost took them.  Well, I my mindset has changed over the years. Grow or die, it is what it is. Unfortunately the bottom line has taken priority. Luckily most of my plants are established enough to make it through with little watering...I hope. Thank goodness I got rid of all my lawn.

OK Enough with all of this doom and gloom.


Spring is here! 

I've been so busy I think I might have almost missed it!! If not being stuck behind a farmer delivering Bees to his orchards I think I would have! Yikes, I need to look out of all those Doctor's lobbies to catch what's going on. That's if they had windows!

I did get time to work, and I do mean work.
 In the front garden last weekend, both day!  
That could be the reason I can barely move today.
 I pruned,

weeded, replanted some lost potted plants with succulents
 (keeping the drought in mind), 

Mixed Succulents from the backyard
raked, planted Poppy (Thank you Teresa!) and Nasturtium (Thank you Sis!) seeds, swept, hosed the house and arbor down (yes, bad me!) to get rid of all the accumulated spider webs, and even planted a chair. This chair belonged to my Great Aunt, I've used it, along with others from relatives, around my kitchen table for the last 20 years. Unfortunately it is no longer strong enough to use for it's original purpose. I didn't want to part with it and had been thinking about what to add to the corner of garden space at my front door. I had also (for the last few years!) been trying to decide what to do with this cute little basket that had a home hanging on my Mom's front porch rail. She had her posies in it, but it doesn't have much of a bottom left. Then the light bulb finally lit...sometimes it does take a while...I married the two. The chair now holds Mom's sweet old basket that I've lined and filled with Forget-me-nots that had self seeded elsewhere and made a sign to hang above it.
Love when a project comes together and doesn't cost me a dime!

Forget-me-nots from the backyard
Several plants are in bloom in the front as you can see.

 Grape Hyacinths
Being always in a hurry I probably would have missed these.
Out of the house into the car,

out of the car and into the house!

Rush, rush rush!
I'm late now to get C to pick up his Bi-Pap machine and have the training!! 
Gotta fly!


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