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Monday, July 15, 2013

Something New

For one of B&T's 2nd Anniversary Gifts I made this candle.
My first attempt at a craft like this and I decide it's for a gift!
Not soo smart.......
Sorry, no before or during photos :/ I get too excited and forget...
you should know that by now!! LOL

I purchased a plain cream colored vanilla candle.
Took one of their wedding photos and
converted it to sepia with Paint Shop.
I then cut a piece of tissue paper to the same size
as a sheet of printer paper and
taped them together on the edges.
I have two printers:
a old small one that only prints black and white
and my big ol'  HP that does everything but take the trash out.
The HP didn't like the way the paper felt and jammed every time!
But my little printer that could, went on and
performed her best for me.
I used my embossing gun (a gift from B&T for Christmas)
to melt the tissue into the wax.
A little vintage ecru trim and I was done.
I thought it turned out well,
they did too


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