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Friday, July 19, 2013

2 Years Already!!??

As I'm sure you all can attest to --- time flies!
Whether you having fun or not
We recently celebrated Brandon's and Tanya's 2nd Anniversary!!
I know unbelievable right!
Weren't we just trying dresses on yesterday?
Boy, do I need to wake up and smell drink the coffee!!
Real bad!
Anywhoo, we all went to Texas Roadhouse 
the celebratory dinner.
OMG, the rolls where so darn good!! Who needed a menu??
Just gimme more of them cinnamon dough rolls!
What a fun place.
Peanuts everywhere to munch on
and you tossed the shells on the floor,
yep my kind of place.
 Decisions, decisions.
What to choose to eat,
everything looked SOO good!

***End of roll***
Remember when we had to change rolls of
 film because you ran out?
Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore.
The food showed up and we all chowed down,
including yours truly.
All I can say is we walked,
er rolled out of there stuffed
along with two huge doggie yummy leftover bags!
Happy Anniversary Brandon and Tanya!!


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