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Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Window

Yes, another window :)
What is it about old windows that just grabs you
and says "you have to have me!!" ?
This one I picked up for a song.
I've had a vision circling in my mind for years now.

Since my hall bath has a beach theme
and this idea was beach themed, it was a no brainer
 where it would end up.

I could see a mermaid, sand and shells along the bottom.
 Blank paper "frames", here and there with vintage 
 photos inside of Bathing Beauties of relatives past.
Netting, Starfish, a run aground boat, little things 
to represent found items from beach combing ~ 
string, seaweed, bottles. 

Well, you know me. 
Sometimes I get so excited and start right away,
 not thinking about taking photos and....
forget :(

I did manage to get one or two during the process
I mixed Modge Podge and sand, kind of molding it along the bottom of the frame for beachy area.
Ordered the mermaid stencil and wording "A day at the beach" off line. While waiting for those to show up, I dug in my fabric tote for a piece of netting I knew I had, draped it over the left top corner and stapled to the back. Went in the backyard and gathered up some sticks to place on the left side. Some were tucked through the netting, a boat from my Treasure Pile was added in front which helped hold them in place. I tied a couple of glass vials by thin jute here and there and, of course, a wonderful Starfish  in the center of the net.

The stencils arrived!
Once painted on, 
I could place my paper with little jute ties.
The jute is just for decoration, 
but I'm sure you already figured that out.

Love my Mermaid!

I finally could place my other family photos ♥ 

I found one of my Grandmother at the beach.
Not sure when this was taken,
either before I was born or when I was a baby.
She lived with us and I don't ever remember going to the beach when I was little, so who knows.

I came up short on old beach photos, of course.
Farmers don't make it to the beach very often.

But I found one of my sister and
 I in our backyard "pool".
Probably from the early to mid '60's.
(That's me in the floaty) oh joy

Then I came across this photo of me at
 "The Plunge" in Calistoga Ca.
My Grandmother would go to Calistoga
for a week every Summer.
My sister and I are 10 years apart,
 so she was always allowed to stay,
but I was too little. 
I kept waiting to get bigger,
but by that time
Grandma was getting older, 
and quit going   :(

Now this one is a hoot!
I found it in my Dad's old photo album
and replaced the one that I originally had up .
I assume they are relatives but who knows?
All that is written on the back was 1929.
I love it!

I do wish I could have found older photos 
that didn't include me,
but hey, you've got to work 
with what you have, right?

Here it is completed and hung over the
left side of the bathroom mirror.
I am satisfied with it...
OK I Love IT!
but still on the lookout for 
old beach photos of my family.

Total love!


  1. Love it!! What a fun project...very personal

  2. Those old windows are starting to really captured my attention. Love what you've done with this.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Cute! I always love seeing old photos!

  4. Awesome idea! My bedroom is also beach theme. I am now on the hunt for photo's. Love the black and white. Thanks for information

  5. Bet you smile every time you walk by.


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