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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bird Cages

OK, I have a thing for bird cages...actually I have a "thing" for a lot of things!
But today it's all about birdcages.

I have them all over. In my bedroom, in the gardens, front and back....you get the idea ;)

This one is hanging in my vanity area.
Mama Quail sits patiently by her nest full of eggs ;)

This is my favorite. It belonged to my Grandmother.
It sits a top all my parents traveling trunks.
An angel blowing kisses relaxes amongst
pretty pink rose petals.
Angels or anything for that matter that blows kisses has a special meaning to me. You can read about it here

 This pretty aqua cage was found in a field on the back roads one day. I brought if home and put it to good use on the deck
 I know this is supposed to be about my vintage birdhouses, but had to stick this little kiss blowing gal in. She sits along the Fairy Walk blowing kisses to whoever passes.
  This sweet old bird cage was free at a yard sale many years ago.
Yes, another "kiss blower" sits inside surrounded by impatiens
 She found her way onto a stump in the front garden under the arbor. She too blows kisses to whoever comes to the front door.
I have many more bird cages but I think this is probably enough for today.
Wishing all a wonderful week!



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