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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Excitement

Are your pets like your kids? Do they know what's going on by just watching you? You bet they do!
I kept decorations to a minimum this year in order to be able to enjoy the Holiday Season more.
I think what gave it away was putting up the Christmas Tree.

Katie (my Chihuahua) could care less.
But Cyndar (my Great Dane) was so excited.
She ran to her basket of toys and
dug out her stuffed 
Ghost (from Halloween) 
and then proceeded to drop it,
and grab her Santa Bear!
She sat in the middle of the living room
and clutched Santa Bear for dear life!
How did she know to grab Santa Bear?
I guess it just goes to show some of us are anxious
and more ready for Christmas than others!
BTW she doesn't even have a gift under the Tree yet!?


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