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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Making Wire Ribbon Flowers

1 yard sheer wire edged ribbon
24 coordinating colored beads
Needle and thread
*width depends on the size of flower desired.

Using red ribbon, the flower resembles a Poinsettia for Christmas

1. Fold ribbon in an accordion pleat. Back and forth every 4"
(fig. A)


2. With needle and thread, begin to sew one end of each pleat together,
placing a bead between each point as you catch it.
(fig B)


Note: Leave at least a 3" piece of thread at the beginning to tie off when done.
3. Sew along the edge of the ribbon points to ensure that it will fan properly, creating the flower.  Again, leave the second end at least 3" long for tying off.
4. Gather the ribbon with beads together tightly and then tie. Cut excess thread.
5. Turn the flower over and stitch another row of beads on the other side of the ribbon (fig C) 


You will have two rows of beads at the center hub of the flower.

I just used what I had for this one I made 4 years ago.  

It hangs in my vanity area.

Love the pattern of this particular ribbon

These can be pretty versatile depending on the color ribbon you choose.
White would make a snowflake
Orange/yellow a Sunflower,

String several white flowers together would make a lovely
garland for a wedding.
Extra large ones or a cluster of several white flowers
would be perfect for the pew ends.


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