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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cool Gifts!

One thing I always used to enjoy was giving myself a manicure.
Over the last few years that has gone by the wayside.
As some of you know lots of stress and depression has enveloped me
and the last thing on my my mind is my looks, let alone my nails.

But I was surprised a few months ago by receiving a package in the mail. 
Inside was a Migi Nail Art Set from my sister. (Thanks Sandy!)
It has several fun colors with brushes on one side
and pens on the other for embellishing.

"Migi Nail Art pens (pronounced MeeGee) are an innovative and unique way to design and create airbrushed style artwork using nail polish in a pen form. This allows the user to draw on their own nails, using our patented “art tip.” Migi Nail art has both a brush for painting your nails and an art tip for drawing! The secret is in the construction of the “art tip.” It provides functionality of the plastic squeeze bottle which gives each design a unique touch. By gently squeezing the bottle while either drawing or dragging the pen, this allows you to create any type of design you desire. This product is great for all ages. Migi Nail Art gives you the ability to let yourself be inspired and recreate the most simplistic or intricate designs."

Then not to long ago a dear friend from
Alabama sent me a bottle of Pure Ice blue glitter nail polish.
(Thanks Sara!)

Last week my youngest bought me a bottle of purple nail polish that had a magnet in it's cap. Interesting.
(Thanks C!)

This is the coolest thing.
It's Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

It's described as:
"3-D Nail Art in Seconds! Revolutionary formula infused with metallic particles that move when exposed to the specially designed magnet to create an extraordinary effect."

"Step1: Apply 1 coat of base coat. Shake Magnetic Nail Color to activate. Remove over cap with magnet and set aside. Apply 1 coat of Magnetic Nail Color to all 10 nails and let dry. STEP 2: Apply a thick second coat of color to 1 nail and immediately hold the built-in magnet over the nail. Rest the guide just below the cuticle without touching the wet nail polish. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat for all 10 nails and let dry. Finish with top coat."

How cool is this!
So fun to use, love to see what it looks like after you use the magnet
I love it!  Pretty durable in my opinion. My hands are everywhere and my nails get a pretty good beating. With a good top coat (I prefer Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top Coat ) these lasted almost 2 weeks!

OK OK I get the hint. Do what makes me happy. That is something I defiantly have to relearn as I discover who I actually am, something that has yet to be found.

Thank you so much for thinking of me, my sweet family and friend ♥♥♥

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