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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring? Summer?

Even though Spring started on March 20th and Summer still has about 2 months before she officially shows up, I'm really not sure what season it is!

When heading out last week I was greeted with a bit of overcast skies.
Not bad, not bad at all.

Nice fluffy clouds with that beautiful blue sky poking through
and temps were mild.

Then while passing through Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge
things started to change

It got a little dark

and even darker

The sky filled with thick heavy dark clouds.
OOH look at all the Mustard in bloom! 

And then it hit!

And hit hard and cold.
Not complaining cuz Lord knows we need the water.
Just surprised since the past week had been in the high 70's

I made it through the storm (in more ways than one).
I think I need to be more like this Longhorn....
ignore the storms and go on about my daily business

It's to make it into the 90's this weekend.
We're dragging out the fans and getting ready.

It makes me feel better that Mother Nature can get just as confused as I can ;)

Have a Lvely Saturday!


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