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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinning or Pining?

Time to join Kimberly and Courtney for their Monday Pinning Party!

Won't you join us!

Ever had a period in you life where you just wanted to play Ostrich and bury your head in the sand? and not want to come out for a long time?
My life is a little crazy right now, heck it's been a roller coaster for quite some time. I just want to get off and move on.

I've been having hideaways on the mind.
In fact, pining for a hideaway....
you know somewhere where the world disappears and you can just be happy.
An escape, if you will.

Any of these would definitely do the trick.

Can you just imagine this in a quiet woods hidden by all the foliage...
love the moat btw :)

This little hideaway would be perfect nestled into a garden like it is here.
But it doesn't look much bigger than an outhouse :/

This one is kind of bright.
Maybe it would help fight depression :?

When I was little I would get a few kitchen chairs and drape blankets over them.
It would become my secret hideaway...in the middle of the living room ;)
This reminds me of that "design" and brings back memories.
Of course, mine wasn't this big or elaborate....

Who wouldn't want a hidden room behind a bookcase?
That would be sooo cool.
No one could find you.

Love both of these ♥

But hiding in not an option.
So here I go head first into this week.
See you on the other side...
I hope ♥♥♥


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