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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is my Style?

I'm joining Courtney and Kimberly
for "Pinning".

This weeks theme: This is My Style

Jeans, jeans, jeans

They're about all I wear and have worn for more years than I care to count.
I got to the point where jeans and a T-shirt was my daily outfit.
Let's face it, with raising 4 kiddos, what you look like comes in last
and it gets to be a habit.
It's what I was comfortable in..who I was.
A rut if you will.

This could be me in my 20's

My life has changed drastically in the last year.
Going through a divorce after 37 yrs sure makes you stop 
and think of who you are.

Now I'm way past my 20's, but still like my jeans.
But I would like to change from a 'thrown together' look to a more 'put together' look....
sans the hand me down t-shirts.. 

These out fits are so cute!

And one thing I want to get back is doing my nails on a regular basis.
I used to always do my own...but priorities changed.
Now nails have sure come along way since then.
Love this!

Maybe after I lose all this divorce stress weight I could even wear something like these.

So fun and carefree..
carefree, isn't that a wonderful word?

So I guess this post has turned out about what I would like my style to become,
not what it is.
It's a process and I will get there.


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