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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Indoor Hopscotch Knock Off

The last time we went to our counselors
she had made a kiddie corner
that had a hopscotch area.
It was the cutest thing,
made from a thick foam core material
 that fit together like a puzzle.
Similar to this one.

T said that his girlfriends little girl loved to play hopscotch
and that would be a great Christmas gift since they live in an apartment.
After shopping around the least expensive he could find was $40.
Too steep for this frugal family.

So we started brain storming on how we could make one.

We could:

buy some foam core material
but wasn't sure if we could get it that thick
and what it would cost

or find some rubber mats that could be "dressed up"

a bunch of other things that wouldn't really work
or monetarily.

Plus it needs to be sent out of state to her,
so postage cost (weight) comes into play also.

I suggested an old sheet that was still good in the middle
he suggested felt for the squares

He set about working on it.

Centering the felt squares

Cutting the numbers out

Using spray adhesive to attach the squares

Almost done

Vintage buttons secured the corners
He added her name with a Princess Crown above 

Just need to finish the sides.
Sorry didn't get a photo of it finished.
Needed to get it in the mail.

But not bad for a frugal knock off using what we had.
He did a pretty good job for some one who crafting is a bit foreign.

Good job T!!!
You put all your love into this.

She is going to love it!


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