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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My First Time" Sitting" on Santa's Lap!

We have wanted to go check out The Bass Pro Shop since it opened a few years ago.
We always hear people talk about how big it is, how well decorated it is and how cool it is this time of year with all the Christmas Decorations.

Now, to those of you who visit the Shop on a regular basis (like my Brother-in-law),
you can probably just skip this entire post. LOL

It's about 1 1/2 hour drive for us but let me say it was well worth it!

This post is picture laden and
 very long,
so grab a cuppa drink, go potty
and I'll meet you back here. ;)

Walking up to the Shop is almost overwhelming with it's massiveness.

The Deer in front are made out of all antlers..so cool!

There are ponds and falls everywhere.
And look at their night lights.
Each one has a different animal cut out on it.

The archway at the entrance is covered in Moose antlers.
Seeing those Moose antlers took me right back to Kodiak.

Once inside you begin to see just how humongous it really is,
and all the festive Christmas decorations. 

My eyes followed the Christmas Tree up and this is what I saw!
"Flying" geese!
and other animals up on ledges.
Was this a museum or a store?

More decorations and Deer up on rock ledges

With all the excitement M and I needed to go potty..
and am I glad we did!
It was amazing!

Old photos on the walls of women hunting, fishing
and doing all that outdoorsy stuff that we thought only men did in the olden days.

Yes these are the stall doors...aren't they cool??

Love this sconce

Even the door handle was special.

There is this huge tank that has Bass and other fish

and waterfalls pouring into it.

Looking down from above

Just about everywhere you looked there were
vignettes of animals in their "natural" habitat.

Can you tell we miss all these kinds of critters?
We'd see them all the time when we lived in Kodiak.

Did I mention it has a second floor?
From up here you can see the underwater mural painted on the walls.
Further down you can see Santa's Village!!

The kids played the cutest shooting game.

It was set up like a camp

with green lights all over

when the green light was hit
it would turn red
and an animal would pop up, or jump out.

C hit the outhouse,
the door opened to reveal a bear sitting reading a newspaper! LOL

they all had a blast

Look at this furniture!

Love it ♥

Dotted throughout the store were displays of Christmas Decor.

Upstairs looking down the arcade side into Santa's Village.

These lamps were throughout the shop.
Very dramatic.
Each had a different animal in the center

and the animals footprints around the outer circle

antlers surrounded the rim

More critters

When I first saw the man climbing,
I thought he was real and stuck! LOL

Just like fishing in Kodiak....
a bear waiting for you to catch a fish

Hey, the North Pole is here!

Not sure if you can see,
but there is a little Elf stuck in the upper window,
he's wiggling his legs.
Too cute!

The arcade games were free!

This hollow tree was in the kids clothing section.
M just couldn't resist

A General Store was even inside with the usual unusual items

There were some really interesting named condiments

My kind of dog!

Now that's a Milk can! It's huge!

Antiques displayed in the store

Gift items too

We all got our photo taken with Santa, they were free too!

T and Santa

C and I with Santa
C came with me since it was my very first time to "sit" on Santa's lap

M and Santa

We had such a fun time.
Most definitely a new Christmas Tradition.


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