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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Handmade Gifts I Couldn't Show Earlier

It's safe to show these now.
The kids have opened there's and
 my friend is on the road to come here.

I made T this necklace. My first time stamping metal.
Not bad huh?

U R LOVED on the top washer
XOXOXOXO around the entire bottom washer.
Strung on waxed linen with an adjustable slip knot

For M I made this Scrabble tile necklace.
My first time using/making anything with Scrabble tiles.
The bails were very easy to use and
 I used E6000 to make sure they would stay put.

Akoma is a symbol of love, patience and endurance
and is one of the Adinkra symbols
from Ghana which is depicted by the image of a heart.

According to Agbo,
when a person is said to "have a heart in his stomach,"
that person is very tolerant.

A friend of mine LOVES Butterflies.

I embellished the outside of a glass candle holder with different types of lace.
Found a pretty Butterfly on line.
 I didn't want one side plain so I printed two out.
Once cut out they were glued together.
After the glue was dry,
I trimmed around the edges anywhere it was uneven,
then went around the edges with a black marker to cover any white and make it all blend.
I bent the wings up and hot glued it on.

She loves the beach too and each time she visits we go.
Always looking for "Jewels" (beach glass) we take our bags a scavenge the shore.

I added a layer of "Jewels" in the bottom
and placed a battery tea light on top.

I also made her a Butterfly Garland.
First time making a garland of any sort too.

I dug through my stash for a map of California.
I cut out a butterfly that included Santa Cruz

and one for Monterey.
Not only are those the beaches we've visited,
but have been in their lighthouses also.

You can even see Pacific Grove ^ where all the Monarchs come to overwinter.
We've been there for that too.
She's visiting in Jan. so hoping we can catch them again before they migrate.


  1. Deb, what wonderful gifts from the heart! There is nothing that means more to me than a gift someone has made. I love your butterfly candle and garland and the necklaces are wonderful, too! Stamping on metal is not as easy as it looks, I made all of my plant tags the same way and you have to be careful how hard and how even you strike. Great job! I bet they loved them all.

  2. The butterfly garland is my favorite!!


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