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Thursday, December 29, 2011


You find something 'festive' that you would like to slip into

It seems a little small, but you're QUITE SURE that in recent years,

You've worn this size. So, you work with it...


You try it on different ways.....


From different angles you examine yourself.


Finally, you admit that it does feel "A LITTLE TIGHT.."


 Someone offers you a larger size, which you find highly insulting

I mean, it might be a tight fit, but you still look GOOD!!


Haven't we all been there!


Pet Theology

Be obedient, no matter how much the master's plan doesn't make sense to you.

Love your neighbor as yourself. 
Give to those less fortunate

Be generous

Take time to rest and enjoy the company of friends.

Value, honor and enjoy your family,
no matter how strange they seem to you.

Help widows and orphans

Don't watch too much TV

Remember, you were divinely created with a purpose!

Others were too,
Even if they seem way different from you!

So ---- Have fun, and enjoy the abundant life.
You will not pass this way again!


'A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.' 


  1. You know what I think about clothes - you put them in the closet for a season - get them back out and they shrink! sandie

  2. How great is this post. I enjoyed it so much. Especially your kitty trying to fit into the little basket. haha.
    Wanted to come by and say hello and wish you a very Happy New Year.


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