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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Suggestions Please

OK, as some of you know,
 I have been working on changing up my bedroom
 (for obvious reasons).
I'm making it into a crafting space bedroom combo.
Little by little it has been morphing.

I'm currently stuck on the main window.
It has brown blinds that will stay put,
(should I ever need the window completely covered)
but in the pulled up position.

This window faces the backyard
and will be the area where I will be crafting.

Here's the way it originally looked

A few things have moved/changed.....

I found this old screen door in the barn and fell in love with it.
I knew this is where I had always wanted to put it.
Unfortunately there is a large crack in this side of the window.
It's a double pain so replacement can wait,
 but in the meantime I'd like it and those memories covered.

I have moved a long table under the window for my work table.

I didn't particularly like it alone.
I have already decided what to do with the right side
so that's not an issue.

I've tried it with tall shutters....

and short shutters.

Didn't particularly care for the shutters :(
So then I thought of lace.
I grabbed an ecru panel and threw it over the back of the door.

I like it.
I plan to trim it to fit then tack it to the back of the screen door.
My boggle is whether to leave the screen on or take it off.

I like the look of the rusty, holey screen with the lace in the background,
but can imagine how good it would look removed too.

Let me know what you think.
 It's been this way for a couple of weeks and I need to decide!

And yes, that ivy is going!
Hoping to paint over it soon!
at least after the Holidays ;)

Thanks ♥


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