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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cannery Row, Monterey...part 2

Dawn treated us to an Aqua Massage.
These are the most relaxing, best feeling few minutes of your life!!!
OK, maybe I exaggerate...just a tiny bit ;)
But they ARE great.

You lay down
with your clothes on (you don't get wet),
shoes off

headphones on
face down
remote in your hand
capsule closed

The warm forceful jets of water glide up and down your back.
With the remote you can stop them in place anywhere you are sore
or need a little more time on.
You can see the jets through the lid...
the white by the "ge" in Aqua Massage are the water jets.
They surround your sides and back.

Afterwards you feel marvelous!

Then hunger set in!
We ate for the first time at Cannery Row Brewing Company.
OMG, the food was awesome!
TJ ordered a Bacon Burger.

He was happy with the size of the Onion Rings....

until he put his burger together...
not sure even he can open his mouth that wide!!

Becci couldn't feed Wrenee fast enough!

I had the Mushroom Burger...MMM!

Look what they server your meal in,
old enamelware tins!

This is the kind of restaurant I love.
Everywhere you look there is something old to see ♥♥
While Melissa enjoys her food,
I'm scanning the shelving and ceiling!
Is that a....

it sure is! and old still!!

LOVE this old door

Gotta love Julia ♥

Wrenne says I'm full Grandma, let's go!


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