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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cannery Row, Monterey.....part 1

On to Cannery Row in Monterey....

Wouldn't you know TJ found his Pirate right away...
Becci (Dawn's daughter) liked him too!

Miss Kitty found them amusing

Rock and Roll Baby!

Hunka Hunka Burning Love!
(I would have brought him back for ya sis,
but he's put on some weight and I couldn't lift him....
to shove him in my purse of course!)

A little too much of the king for Becci!

Uh yeh, Wrenee, Zander.....that is your mother....

Such fun things to look at in some of the shops on the Row

Pretty good likeness don'tcha think?

where were these when I needed them?

No comment



Yikes, I think Melissa needs a drink!


Nah, this is more like it!!!

We all decided we needed a new ring.
Isn't mine pretty?

Wonder Friend Powers Activate!

More to come ♥♥


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