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Friday, November 5, 2010

Long Night and an Etsy Treasury

After sitting in the Emergency Room most of the night 
with the hubbs,
 it was nice to come home and see this:

A Vintage Holiday Etsy Treasury
by Leah and Ashley from Merivintage.

They chose my Vintage Pearl and Rhinestone Choker
to include in their Treasury.

Now back to hubbs.
He was having chest pain,
he has a heart history,
so I took him to Emanuel Medical Center ER in Turlock.
They went thru the usual routine; labs, EKG, xrays, etc.
 and decided to keep him overnight.
On Saturday they will transfer him to Memorial Medical Center in Modesto
and do an angiogram to see exactly what's going on.

We've been down this road many times,
I'm sure he will be ok.
But any prayers would be appreciated.


  1. Oh, I hope that your husband comes home well and soon!

  2. Sending the warmest thoughts and wishes for hubby to be well and hoping everything goes OK Deb!

    Thinking of you,
    xo Catherine

  3. oh, so scary!!! i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. You and hubs are in my prayers!Please keep us posted.
    Hugs and prayers, Annette

  5. Hi! I just happened to stumble across your blog! I really always debate whether to tell sellers when I list them. But I am so very glad our treasury was able to brighten your day. I hate to hear you had such a rough day and I wish the best for you and your husband.



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