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Monday, November 1, 2010

Drawstring Bags

Can you believe we are in a new month??
I need to get in gear and start my Holiday Shopping......
before the stores get any crazier than they already are!

In the mean time I'm joining these party's this week ♥♥
Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays with Linda at Coastal Charm

2nd Time Around with Diane at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words 

Vintage Thingie Thursday with Suzanne at Coloradolady

Junkin Finds with Linda at A La Carte

Be sure to visit these wonderful Ladies, you won't be sorry!

I was able to make a quick stop at an Estate Sale.
It was quick because I had an hour left til it ended!
I was hoping to find things marked down.
But they started out pricey and stayed that way :(
Probably why after 2 days of sales,
there were still so many things left!

I did managed to find a couple fun things tho...
don't I always?  ;)

These cute little Snow Babies will find a use somewhere.

This person must have done woodworking/cabinetry/etc because there were 4 storage sheds in the back with tons of that kind of thing in them.
One was full of all different kinds of cabinet knobs and hardware.
It was overwhelming.

I didn't need anything like that
but did find a box with some odds and ends,
which included these fun things.

A couple of odd knobs, handles.
The triangle thing is a foot, top left. 
Sure wish I could have found more of them.
It looks old and just plain neat!

There was a coffee can in a corner of one of the sheds.
It seemed to have been over looked by everyone.
Now when we cleaned out the farm,
I remember finding SO MANY coffee cans
 with so many different things in them. I swear Mom and Dad must have saved every coffee an they ever opened!

Anyway, I opened this one and found it full of drawstring bags....

stuffed full by the way!!!

Some still have the paper tags attached to them.
I have all my Dad's that we found,
 but now I can do/make fun things with these
and save his ;)

Everything I picked up didn't have a price
so I held my breath as I approached check out.
$8.oo for all...
not too bad.


  1. Your coffee can story brought back sweet memories of my parents. They never threw away a coffee can either!

  2. Deb,
    Looks like you had another great day out at Estate Sales!! Happy NTT!!!


  3. Deb how fun you really know how to hunt out the treasures!

    Come and see my latest find! Would love your thoughts....

    Art by Karena

  4. I love your drawstring bags...so much you can do with them! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

  5. Estate sales are the best! Hey, thanks for your note on my blog -- you're right, that thing that looks like a paint can opener is probably a screwdriver!

  6. lovely bags.....I so love estate sales too!! Happy VTT!

  7. Great treasures Deb! The snow babies remind me of hubby's grandma who had a collection of them.


  8. My dads garage was filled with coffee cans full of nails,bolts etc. Most parents grew up with the thought of waste not, want not.You never know what you might find.


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