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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just about done....

Yes, Yes, I'm just about done with the living room. It has taken me much longer than I expected. Not all was my fault....
I had long interrupters
 which provided me with long interruptions.

But all the walls have been painted in Behr Mid-day Mocha.

The Cornices also made it up.
These were in my Grandmother's room growing up.

The balloon valances (dating my decorating here!) came down
and sheers went up
with not 2 on each window but only 1.
These windows are small and provide the only natural light for this room.
The sheers provide just the right amount of covering.
The window on the left has the hot tub on the other side, which I want somewhat covered but yet be able to see out to the yard over the top.
I've left it down and not pulled back at all. 

The window on the right looks out to the deck.

I wanted this one pulled back but wasn't sure what to use.

Then thought of one of my Grandmother's brooches.
It worked perfectly.
Don't cha just love the faraway look on the Royal Copley little buckaroo
planter that belonged to my Mom?

Most, but not all frames for my Family Photo Wall
were painted different shades of white, then distressed.
I did scale back on the photos some.
Using a couple of my fav old windows on the right wall
I used the individual panes as frames.

I used a few delicately crocheted doilies and hankies
behind a few of the photos and in unused panes. 

Some of my collection of vintage door hardware punctuate in between.

I finally made time to cover my switch plates.
I'm usually making requests.
Unfortunately my photos aren't the best.

This wall over the piano had lots of photos on it.
I decided to leave just my Grandparents wedding photo
and not replace the rest so it won't get lost in all of them.

But then it looked so empty. LOL
Propped shutters on each side took care of that
and provided more space to tuck
photos or cards or?
I used some of my flower frogs here to hold a few "loose" photos.

I used spoon racks to hold vintage hankies.
Again I wish all these photos were better...grr

After more white paint and sanding
they hold the hankies beautifully
with room left for more :):)

 The hallway is done too,
but that is for another day.


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