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Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Starting to get Spooky......

We've been adding to our Halloween Decor over the last few days.
More will be added, but the scariest not until Halloween Day...got to keep the neighborhood kiddos guessing ;)

Moma Cat supervises as Melissa decides
where to place the headstones and Mummy.

Everything looks better at night, of course ;)

Wish I had a wider front "porch" so I would have room for decorations.

We were out gallivanting around the other day and happened to stop by Target where the had the neatest "Porch Pot".
A black urn with black sticks decorated with orange mini lights.
I fell in love with it but not the price...$29.99!

Didn't take a photo in the store and this is the best I could find on the net.
I know it's not very good.

Anyway I decided I could make it way cheaper.

I have a urn that stays by the front door 
which I change out for the seasons.
And I have plenty of sticks in the backyard ,
black paint ~ check,
foam for the urn ~ check
orange mini lights...nope.
So I picked up a string there for $4.99.

Came home stuffed foam into the urn,

then added the sticks.
Now, Targets just had the painted black foam exposed...
didn't care for that too much so I added some Dollar Tree moss I had
and went crazy with the black spray paint.
Threw on the lights and decided to add the
infamous Dollar Tree Black Crow
we all have.


15 mins and $4.99 we have...

it's a little smaller than Targets and not as Professional looking,
but I love it!
And that's all that matters, right!?

We also stopped into Home Depot
and much to our surprise a

They had all their Christmas stuff out! yes, already!

I decided to take a peek (something I never do until Thanksgiving).
Well I ended up walking out with a new Christmas Tree! LOL

The one we have is quite old and really too big for the size of our living room, especially with the new furniture we got over the summer.
This one is a petite 5' tall and much narrower and....
drum roll please...


Woo Hoo! I'm so excited to have a pre-lit one!
I was surprised at the price,

Didn't think that was too bad at all.

maybe I'll put it up after Halloween,
just to see what it looks like in the room, of course


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