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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fertilizer Friday ~ 9/17/10

Woo Hoo it's Friday!!
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I ordered 2 Hydrangeas and a Japanese Maple from eBay.

I got them potted up right away.

Both Hydrangeas are Nightingale and
are to be purple like these.

The Japanese Maple turned out to be a good size plant...
twice the size as advertised.

It is called Octopus.
It is a weeping variety with it's branches snaking down
and away from the trunk...like Octopus arms.
Here it is as an adult.


They are all said to be fast and hardy growers ☺

I had a light bulb go off the other day...
yes, it does happen....occasionally.

I am training vines over/around the gazebo.
There are 4 large openings.
one I want to keep as the entrance
then 'enclose' the other 3, making it more room-ish.

I was in the garage looking at my Treasure Pile
and saw 2 shuttered doors I had picked up in the spring
for $10 at a garage sale.

I had intended to use them in my living room makeover
(yes,I'm still plugging away at it)
but ended up not using them.

The new vines are growing, albeit slowly, and I had been trying to think of away to help them fill in sooner.

Light bulb!

I could attach the doors to the Gazebo frame.
I frantically hunted for those technical gardening accessories.....
Zip Ties.
Hauled out the doors and

I love the way they look!,
like actually opening the doors into the garden.
They don't 'work' and even if they did they aren't wide enough,
but will certainly help with the morning sun while sipping our coffee.

I also came across 2 old windows I bought years ago...
for some 'future project'.
I think I'm going to try to hang them side by side on another side.
I can picture them surrounded by the vines but being able to see through them ☺☺☺

My Ivy Geranium is in it's glory.

I like the way the flowers fade to different shades of pink.

And then there's the wild Sunflowers.
I never planted these, I think the birds did.
They grow along side the roads here.

Enjoy your weekend,
hoping you get to spend it in the garden!


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