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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Have A Dress!!

Melissa and I were invited to go along with Tanya,
her Mom and some of the Bridesmaids to look for her Wedding Dress.
They had been to several places earlier in the week.
BUT I was lucky enough to be there when she found the ONE!

It is beautiful and she looks amazing in it!
Sorry no photos :(
Just in case my Son pops in,
can't let him see, you know!

We also looked at Bridesmaid Dresses.
One favorite was tried on.

Tanya and Tab


Melissa and Linda (Tanya's Mom)

The Shawl was fiddled with to create a cute

We may have not found the Bridesmaids Dresses,

BUT we have the COLORS!!

Pool and Pichachio ☺


One small step for the family, 
one huge step for the Bride!

Love ya Tanya! 


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