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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Casa de Fruita ~ inside

Continuing on from yesterday's post...

On to the inside of Casa de Fruta...
now realize this is only the "Fruit Stand" building.

The first thing we see upon entering (this time of year)
is this....

Citrus....every kind of Citrus!
And who would think to use an old truck for a fruit display?

fresh fruit and veggies.....

to dried fruit...

snack mixes....
in bulk,

or ready to go!

How about some for a friend?

I love how they use all the old wagons and trailers, etc. for display.
Don't you?

Dried veggies....
in different flavors!

Ahh Nuts!
In the shell...

and out.

And what can you make with nuts??
Well, Cookies ,


and Candies,

and just about any other confection you can dream up!

Then you wonder what can be made with fruit....

Jams and jellies,

syrups and marinades,

and WINE!

Lots and Lots of Wine!

As you can see by the photos,
a bit of a history lesson comes with the stand.
Some things from the past decorate the walls


and ceilings.

You learn about the founders...

and their first Fruit Stand

to the aerial view of the Stand today.

What I have shown is just the produce side of this building.
There's a gift shop around the corner that has
just about anything you can imagine.
Even the pickiest person is sure to find something. LOL

I really need to go back and spend more time there.
We live a reasonable distance from Casa de Fruta, stopped many times
 and yet have I seen the whole place.

Hmmm....maybe it's because I see all those yummies
and forget all about the rest..... 


  1. The inside looks as good as the outside. They just added a wine room to an orchard by us. I asked if I could just sit there and sample while I send the kids off to fetch fruit. They just looked at me like I was a bad mom or something!

    LOVE the old truck! How cute is that?

  2. Goodness, this place looks awesome!

  3. OK, this is really dumb. I lived in Hollister for 3 years and never went there. But I LOVED your tour!!!

  4. Nifty follow up to yesterday's post ... I enjoyed all your great photos.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. What I would give to have such a place close to me here in N Central Cold WI...the truck and wagons for display items is genius...I had to go back and see the outside too...cool place indeed.

  6. What a fun place! I could walk around for hours... lovin the wine section!!!!

  7. It makes you hungry when you see all of the fruits and vegetables. It makes you want to pick a fruit to snack on while you are looking around. I love the old truck and the vintage history that they have used. You take care.

  8. That could be the absolutely coolestplace in the whole wide world!

    I could spend hours and hours and hours there.

  9. I am crazy hungry now !!!!!!!


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