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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Free Treasure!

My daughter got home from her volunteer work and she surprised us by bringing Pizza for dinner! YAY!!
sweet, sweet girl!!

On the way she passed a sale that had a sign saying everything was FREE!!
I knew the local  Cheerleaders had had a rummage sale yesterday and today, which I wasn't able to go to..darn it!

 Anyway, I guess whatever was left needed to move out!
She asked if I wanted to go check it out....before she could finish her sentence, I was dressed (had already gotten my comfies on) and out the door! 

 I grabbed a birdcage (no idea what I'll do with this), basket, knit hat, toile valance AND a paint by number painting... you know how collectable these are right now?!  

Got a few pieces of clothing, cute purse,
and tons of VHS tapes...hey they were FREE!!!

WHEW..what a rush!! LOL
Till next time......

I'm linking up with Along the Way with K & J for "Trash to Treasures"


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