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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy Dog!

We have a variety of pets, but our dogs are the most comical!
Especially our Great Dane, Cyndar. She is such a goof!
Whenever we have Tuna I give the empty cans to the cats to "clean up".
They, of course, love that.
The other day after they were done, Cyndar sneaked (now it's hard for a dog of her size to sneak...but somehow she did) into the kitchen and snagged the cans!

When I found her she had a collection going....

I don't think she wants to give them up...

Katie says "Why are you taking her picture? She's only licking a can?
AND she has her bottom up in the air!"

She just thinks she's the Queen of the Tuna Cans, doesn't she!


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