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Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Summer Hello for Your Home

My Sister had some flip flops left over from last year after a craft she made. She passed them down to me.
I've already made a flip flop wreath that I love, what could I do with these?

Then it hit me
A welcome sign ;)

I had 3 pairs = 6 flip flops
I could lay them out spelling a word
I could use paint sticks, 
Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE Paint sticks!
They come in so handy, for so many things.

I decided to paint the sticks to cover up the stores ads 
and make them look a little neater.

I used Waverly Chalk Paint in Pool
I thought the name was pretty apropos

Once the sticks were dry I used GE Silicone II to glue the FF's to the sticks. 

I found fabric with pink Flamingo's on white background in my fabric stash and thought it would make for a great "hanger".
I just twisted it and stapled it to the stir sticks.

Short on FF's for "Welcome"
I came up with "Hello"
Only problem with that is I have one left over. :(
Hopefully I'll figure out something to make with it.

I started out stenciling in white

But it just wasn't showing up enough

 so I switched to dark velvet purple.
Once the letters were dry, I thought they needed
 a little something more.
I found a spray of faux Dogwood.
I pulled off a few of the flowers and glued them to 
the top of the FF's.

Too cute! 

Cute on your screen door

Darling hanging in the house

And a Welcoming Hello to your guests!

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