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Friday, November 22, 2019

Shiny Home Decor from Your Garden


While out pruning I saw the the dried stems of what used to be flowers of my Agapathus (Lily of the Nile). My light bulb sparked (as it sometimes does), and for some reason I saw these as silver.
 Then thought they should be paired with an aqua color. 

My light bulb was getting brighter by the moment!
I knew I had everything I needed to try to make my vision.

The dried Agapathus, silver paint, a clear vase and aqua paint
Please excuse the mess on the deck - everything is shoved against the house ready for Winter

I placed the glass vase over a pole I found.
 I wedged it between flaps of a cardboard box that happened to be outside.
Seemed sturdy

The vase took 2 coats of the Krylon Sea Glass

Next was the Agapathus. I wedged them in the flaps of the box also
and started spraying away with the Rust-oleum Silver Metallic Finish.

They only took one coat from every direction possible.

All dry and ready to come in the house
So pretty!!

Take a good look at this vase.
You won't see it again.

Yep, I dropped it!

Oh I was so mad!
I didn't have any slender vases left in my stash
Do I just scrap the project?
This was to be a $0 cost light bulb idea!

I finally gave in and dropped into Dollar Tree a few days later. Wouldn't you know they had the smallest variety of vases I have ever seen there. 95% were large sizes. I didn't have much to choose from. I wanted one with a ''waist'' - yeh another spark had flickered while spraying the original vase.  Dollar Tree didn't have any with "waists" (gets narrower somewhere along the otherwise straight "body").

I ended up picking the best I could find for what I wanted to do.
Took it outside and commenced spraying.

Dry -
I made it into the house with dropping this one!

My other spark ~
some bling 
See why I wanted the ''waist''?

I ended up using the strips I had leftover from another project.
Found a spot I thought they would look best and applied.

I think it's pretty festive for a buck
$0 if you have all needed leftovers ;)

I can see these at parties, weddings, practically anywhere, 
any color ~ for table centerpieces and other decor.

Turned out easy and pretty useful for a little Holiday smile
each time I go in the hall bath!


There is a very similar vase available in my cousins Etsy shop,
if interested.


  1. Oh WOW, looks very nice!! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 6. Shared.

    1. You're welcome, thank you so much for hosting and sharing! Merry Christmas!

  2. I adore your blog made "shiny" today but I also LOVE the Christmas Tree Terrarium on the left sidebar! I really envy it, maybe I will make one also if I find my Christmas supplies, I know the terrarium is in plain sight, I just have to find the christmas trees and color them, I think I just have green and white ones in, Maybe color in Easter Supplies. YOU are so very talented! Hugs, Cyndi

    1. Hey girl, you are so talented in your own right!! Thank you for all the warm compliments :) I found a whole box of green trees at a yard sale over the Summer, I bleached some white to make some decorations to put in my shop. I think I read some place you can use food coloring to color them with. Just check Hometalk or Pinterest - you know you'll get tons of ways! LOL Happy Decorating! xoxox

  3. very nice - you always have good ideas. Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Aw, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. That is fantastic! What a brilliant creation, very festive x

    1. Thank you so much! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  6. Great use of resources! I love that sea glass color, it pairs nicely with the silver flowers.

    1. Thank you! I always find it curious how sometimes you just see colors that need to go together ;)

  7. So pretty! Thanks for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! I hope to see you again this week!
    PS...I have a wonderful giveaway going on this week :)

    1. Thank you! How exciting, see you soon ♥

  8. This is such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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