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Friday, March 17, 2017

Save the Bees

We all know that Bees are facing major threats, such as, habitat loss, disease, climate change and pesticides. Without these glorious pollinators we would lose much of our food source. Animal pollinators such as Bees, Birds, Butterflies, and Bats are essential for the reproduction of nearly 85% of the worlds flowering plants. "The most important of these are Bees, making them, essential to the entire fabric of life on the planet." says Scott Black, the Executive Director of Xerces Society. 

Researchers noted the greatest declines in areas like
 the Midwest and California's Central Valley, 
where farmers grow crops that rely most heavily on Bees,
 including apples, almonds, peaches, and blueberries.
That means for us a less stable food supply and
 more expensive prices.

A common sight that Spring is here in our area

There are a bounty of native Bees

How Can We Help The Bees?

First they LOVE Sunflowers!
Plant some if you can along with native plants.
Native plants require less maintenance for you.

Eliminate pesticides which kill Bees directly.

Provide water and mud.
Some bees use mud to build their nests.

Plant pollen and nectar rich plants in a group
 so Bees can find them.  Include Wildflowers.

Make a Mason Bee Lodge

Solitary bees, like Mason bees are excellent pollinators, but they sometimes struggle to find nesting sites. A home-made nest looks attractive and provides them with a home, as well as ensuring bumper vegetable harvests. Hang your bee hotel in the shade and in an out of the way spot.

Use an old terra cotta pot, old bamboo pieces,
play dough and a roll of florist wire. 
Thread a piece of long wire thru the pots 
bottom hole and around to the outside to 
make a loop for it would hang by. 
Press the play dough (or you can use modeling clay)
 into the bottom of the pot. Cut the bamboo to size 
and press each one into the clay.

Hang it in your garden by a shepherds hook.
You can also embellish if you'd like. 

Cheerios is even helping out!!

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We’ve exceeded our goal of giving away 100 million seeds—10 times over! But after giving away a 1.5 billion seeds, we’re all out. Thanks for your support and keep us posted on your pledge to plant using #BringBackTheBees.

I'm so sorry they ran out. :'(

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