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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Newman ~ An Island No More - Almost

Between the heavy rainfall and the release of water reservoirs from up north, Newman Ca. became just about an island for some time. Only one road open created a single way in or out. 
All other road were closed due to flooding.

Major flooding.

This became an all to familiar sight. 

The San Joaquin and Merced Rivers join just on the out
 skirts of Newman and over flowed their banks at points. 
There were the canals and levees that gave at pints also.
We all know what power water can have.

The signs finally came down and 
most roads have opened.
Here are some photos after the water 
has receded from the road.

Northbound on Hills Ferry Rd. 
which turns into Kelly Rd.

Where you could once see prime farmland as
 far as your eye could see, 
now you see what looks like a huge lake.

Don't think their gate will open for a while.
How long will this take to dry out enough to farm again?

No shoulder in some areas. 
The water comes right up to the roads edge.

Their front pasture has turned 
into lake front property?

Southbound on Kelly Rd. 
which turns into Hills Ferry Rd.

Don't think Rooster Ranch Sportsman Club 
will open for a while ~

Fisherman's Bend flooded

Hills Ferry Raceway has been turned into a lake also.

It will dry up and Newman will go prevail.
3rd flood since 1994.
Luckily we are on high enough ground, 
but I feel for the farmers, town and all who were affected.

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