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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Radiance Facial Serum Sale

This Weeks Sale
Our popular Radiance Facial Serum is back for
 a limited time, and since our limited release last 
year, we've listened to many recommendations
and made it even better! 
It's now formulated with ROSEHIP SEED OIL: 
Rosehip seed oil has regenerative properties that
help in promoting cell and tissue regeneration. 
Some qualities include: stimulates, moisturizes, 
conditions, balances, it improves texture and 
elasticity, diminishes scarring, helps heal burns,
soothes sun damaged skin, lessens fine lines
and wrinkles. 
Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids -
What makes it so great?   It’s a blend of OILS, 
so…wouldn’t that make my face OILY?
In a word: NO. 
Because the base is organic Vitamin E oil, the 
serum absorbs quickly into the skin without 
leaving residue or grease on the face. 
Not only that, but six of the best oils for the 
skin and face are included in this fabulous 
There are so many “anti-aging” products out 
there, but really it’s not about NOT aging-it’s 
about caring for your body through natural 
means to age gracefully and…well…radiantly.
Spend all day in the sun? 
Apply Radiance to moisten the skin and 
to help reduce sunburn.

Breaking out? 
Apply Radiance to help reduce blemishes,
scaring, and breakout time.

Laugh a lot? 
Apply Radiance to help increase elasticity in 
your skin, reducing the appearance of 
wrinkles/laugh lines.

Running on steam and major lack of sleep? 
Apply Radiance under the eyes to help reduce

Seeing the pattern? 
Once you try Radiance, you won’t want to go back!
A little bit goes a LONG way. The included dropper
helps you easily drop the 3-5 drops you’ll need for
your whole face, and when a 1-oz vile contains 
around 600+ drops, it lasts! Store in a cool place 
out of direct sunlight, and gently shake before use.

Radiance will be on sale this week and it's a 
limited time product!

So get yours here today before it’s gone!

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