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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats ~ Review

I was really anxious to try Pure Salmon Oil by Zesty Paws.

It arrived well packaged, no leakage - YAY!

It comes with a lid that can be pushed down on one side to pop open on the other side and also with a pump.
Since the dosage is measured in ''pumps'', 
I chose to use the pump 
which went on with ease.

We currently have 3 senior cats,
 the youngest being 12 and an amputee.

Angel - 15 yo

Mama - 13 yo

Bynx - 12 yo (prior to amputation)

As soon as I read it aids in "proper joint function, 
heart health and skin/coat condition, as well as enhancing the immune system" and that it was a liquid it was a must try.

They all have arthritis to some degree, with Mama being the worst. We have tried pills in the past, only to be met with the usual fun times of giving cats pills ~ first chasing each one (seems they have a sixth sense and no matter what you do they know when a pill is coming), then comes the gagging, coughing it up, foaming at the mouth. etc. They hated it and we hated giving it to them. So we stopped. We didn't feel it was healthy mentally to keep "harassing'' them in this manner. 

I know how fish oil helps with my joints,
 I would hope it would do the same for them.
Being older their fur isn't quite what it used to be.
Their stiff joints makes it difficult in some places to
 reach to groom themselves. 
Pure Salmon Oil would help and 
that would be a great added bonus.
Also being good for their heart health makes this a product 
cats and dogs would both benefit from.

Taste Test

If a picture can tell 1,000 words, need I say more?
Angel scarfed it down like there was no tomorrow!

"May I have more please sir?"

Then we have Bynx.
Another 1,000 word picture.
She got close enough to smell it,
and acted like she was offended..

not only looked away...

but actually turned her back!

If looks could kill 
Well, you can't please everyone.
It wasn't manly for her anyway.
Mama has arthritis the worst.
The cats love to climb the ladder in the garage,
when we let them in, and play up in the storage area.
Sometimes Mama runs down the ladder instead of taking it slowly and falls. She scares us to death. I think we all can relate ~ in our minds we still think we can do what we did when we were younger, but our body's tell us different.

Mama loved it and cleaned up her food lickety split!

Even after the food was gone she must have 
stayed for 20 mins. licking her dish.
So glad, she really needs this for her joints. 

I decided to see what the dogs thought of the Pure Salmon Oil.

I absolutely love the pump. 
It makes dispensing so easy. 

Katie had her whole head in her dish! 
I'd say she liked loved it!
She licked and licked her bowl 
even after her food was gone.

Bella same as Katie!
And Tora makes 3
3 paws up!

If you're wondering why Tora has large rocks in her dish, there is a very, very good reason. We lost our Great Dane to bloat. Something I thought I would be able to control.
I wasn't.
All 3 of our dogs eat like they haven't been fed in a month. Believe me they get fed on time twice a day as recommended by our vet.
All the dogs we have ever had have been rescues. Who knows what they have been through. They aren't territorial regarding their food, they just inhale it. I will never lose another dog to bloat. Yes, I know large dogs are the ones most prone to it, but eating as fast as they all do can't be good. The 2 smaller ones have ''maze'' type bowls they have to chase their food around in to get it, thus slowing them down. We happened to catch a clearance and got the bowls for $1 each. Tora being a larger dog requires a larger ''maze'' type bowl, unfortunately they are very expensive. Our vet recommended placing the large rocks in her bowl - it acts similarly and slows her down. ♥

But I digress, all three dogs loved the Pure Salmon Oil.
Katie is in her senior years and no doubt will benefit from all the healthy goodness as will the other two.


 Bynx, Mama and Katie are under our Vets care for health issues, 
so we need to run this by her first before continuing. 

It's always a good idea to consult your vet prior to adding any supplement to your pets diet, just as you would prior to adding any to your own diet.

*~*~*~*~ Fast forward 20 days ~*~*~*~* 

Angel has continued on the Pure Salmon Oil using as directed. Her coat has begun to look more shiny, the dullness seems to be fading. Overall, she appears healthier. Angel is also starting to play like she did when she was a kitten, it really surprised us. It's so worth it to see her feeling and looking better.

Tora and Bella have also continued on the Pure Salmon Oil. Their coats are getting back their sheen, very healthy looking. 
It's nice to see how much healthier they are looking. I can only imagine more improvement with longer use. 

I'm anxious to get our vet's take on this for Mama, Bynx, and Katie.
I'll post an update at a later date.

Our vet said it's a GO!
All 5, Bynx when possible, are continuing 
on the Salmon Oil, looking and acting better!
Like I said earlier, I love the pump for easy dispensing. 
No measuring spoons needed! No hassle!
I was concerned because after opening this product needs to be refrigerated. I was hoping the oil didn't get thick and have trouble coming out of the pump. No problem at all, very relieved and impressed :)

The bottle is big, and will last a long time even with all our pets.
I think this product is high quality and a great value.

I came upon a very comprehensive article recently ~
 The Little Things That Separate and 
Unite Cat Owners vs Dog Owners
It's a very interesting read, I think you'll find it
that way too.

Zesty Paw's Description

Zesty Paws’ Pet Salmon Oil is an all-natural dietary supplement comprised of wild Alaskan salmon, which is jam-packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to deliver premium nourishment to dogs and cats of all sizes. The EPA and DHA sourced from the Omega-3 in our specialized supplement delivers vital nutrients to support proper joint function, heart health and skin/coat condition, as well as enhancing the immune system to make your four-legged friend healthier, happier and zestier for life.

You can purchase Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats by Zesty Paws here.

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