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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shabby Christmas Candy Cane Gift Toppers/Ornaments

These are similar to the Homespun Candy Canes I made but in a shabby chic style and are perfect for gift toppers :)

I'm up to my eye balls in Christmas wrappings and trying to make them look different from every other year. I had some of these
 plastic candy canes I had picked up at Dollar Tree - 6 for $1- left over and decided to make them shabby.

I began stripping fabric.
I used up some odds and ends pieces of flowery cottage fabric
 that coordinated with my wrapping paper.
I hot glued one end of fabric to the end of the candy cane
and began wrapping it round and round until it was completely covered, being sure to keep the fabric taut. 

When reaching the end, 
hot glue the fabric into place toward bottom.

Trim off the excess fabric,

leaving enough to fold over the ends to finish off 
 with a dab or two of hot glue.

Now the fun part - embellishing!
I raided my beads, broken jewelry, old buttons,
millinery, ribbons, laces, findings, you name it!
Nothing was off limits.

As you can see ;)

I started out making gift toppers and 
decided they would make great little gifts, ornaments,
and simply sweet decorations to even hang around the house! 

Easy, cute and economical!
Can't ask for much more than that :)


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