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Monday, November 7, 2016

Summers End

Better late than never.
A tad late with this post :(
The end of Summer in the garden.

My lone wild Sunflower is going to seed and the birds are happy.
Hard to see but seeds are being devoured in the center of the photos.

My son and his girlfriend surprised me with 
an Aloe from Casa de Fruita

One of the Drs. we go to is about an hour away. 
For the last 15+ years I've always wanted to stop at a nursery that we pass each time.

Well, I finally did! 
Queen Anne's Garden Nursery in Atwater, CA.
It's a little Mom and Pop place that provide
commercial and public plants.

I picked up a purple Oxalis, Hens and Chicks, 
Tricolor Stonecrop, Creeping Wire Vine,
 Heuchera Marmalade Lime and Heuchera Obsidian

It was a fun place to wander, you never knew what was around the next corner. Hope to make time to stop in again. 
Most helpful owners.

Imagine my surprise when I found this in my garden!
I was ready to step on it!

Then I realized it was transparent.
Could it be a chrysalis? cocoon?
Something alien?  

After researching it is a chrysalis/cocoon.
First time I've ever seen one. Since finding that one, 3 more were found over the next few weeks. I think they were blown out of my neighbors Weeping Willow, maybe?

Most likely from a moth of some sort. 
Still very cool and exciting!


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