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Monday, May 30, 2016

On to the Zoo!

Izzy spent the weekend with us a while back while B & T headed to Half Moon Bay for an Awards ceremony
and an all expense paid weekend.

It didn't quite make sense at the time,
since they were to go to Cabo.
But it does NOW!

T's OB says no going out of the country.
Disappointing that they won't get the trip
B deserves, wish the bank would have either postponed it
or sent them to a resort somewhere in the states.

I used to live in Half Moon Bay with my sister back in the '70's.
It was a great little town then, I'm sure it has grown like everything else.  But not sure a weekend there would compare to a week in Cabo.

Anyway ~
Auntie M and I took Izzy to the Applegate Park Zoo in Merced.

It's a nice little zoo, it takes maybe 20 mins. to walk if you go slow ;) Merced is lucky to have this quaint exhibit.
We always enjoy going there for a quick pick me up
and wanted to share it with Izzy.

She wasn't too sure about the Alpaca,
I think she thought it was a dog ;)

It made her happy that it stopped and visited with her.

The Peacock spread his feathers (top right corner)
that caught her attention, as did the White Crane

The Peacock started shaking his
tail feathers for the Peahen

Izzy watched intently

She looked as if ''what is wrong with that thing!''

She especially like the Black Swan

and the Emu

but couldn't figure out all the
clambering Goats and Lamas

she definitely wanted to get in with the Tortoises

I think she knew they were more her speed ;)

She loved watching all the birds in the aviary,
I think she would have sat there all day
if we would have let her!

It was a beautiful day, not too hot nor too cold.
We all had a great time!

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