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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keeping Those Bath Toys Organized! #bicmax

Keeping bath toys organized is no feat in and of itself!
They can end up anywhere and everywhere.
I remember when mine were little,
bath time was great fun for all, even me.
But some times those toys went flying,
or sat in the tub not getting put up
to dry for the next time around.

Back then there wasn't much to choose from
in the way of keeping the toys out of the way of others.
They mostly sat on the edge of the tub and
unwantedly fell in from time to time.
Letting them dry was another whole story.
I don't know how many I threw out due to mold
setting in and out of the toy :(

with 4 Super-Strength Hooked Suction Cups!
Now being a Grammy I'm faced with that prospect all over again.
Sure, not on a daily basis but on those great weekends and weeks she gets to spend with me.

OK, OK, so I bought her ALL those fun things!
I wasn't thinking of what to do with them after bath time
just during bath time! LOL

I couldn't have been contacted at a better time to review
a Bath Toy Organizer, I was so excited!
Yeh, doesn't take much for me, it's the little things ;) 


''4 extra strong hooked suction cups are included, if additional suction is needed for your tile. Otherwise they can be used to hang other bathroom accessories

Our product features high quality mesh, fast drying polyester edging, and powerful large suction cups. The bag is large enough (18in x14in) to hold all of your baby's toys. The sturdy bag also stays close to your tile and out of your way when not in use. Kids can access it easily, even with little hands. No more stepping on toys while showering!

Keep your bathroom organized and clean with a simple method that works. Putting toys away in the bath toy organizer is easy and keeps your bathroom neat. Great at showing your kids how to tidy up after themselves.

It's very versatile. Perfect as a shower caddy, for bath toys, for beauty products...the list goes on and on.
Designed in the USA and made of quality materials.''

I opened it right away, needless to say I had toys all over my tub and was anxious to get them up and out of the way.
I cleaned where I wanted the hooks to go well so they had every advantage to stay put. Let's face it, suctions cups don't have a great reputation.

I decided to place the organizer to the back of the tub up high so when I used the shower they wouldn't get wet each time. This way they actually had time to dry and would be out of the way since they wouldn't be used on a daily basis.
I was pretty amazed at how large the organizer was!
It dwarfs the amount of bath toys that I have for her.
Guess I need to go out and get more! ;)

I am happy to say it has been up for 3 days and is still hanging!
Impressed by the suction cups, most definitely!
The toys are kept nice and dry for the next time
and out of my way during my shower.

I also love that I have 2 extra hooks that larger toys or whatever else needs a place of it's own can hang on :)

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our world class customer service wants you to be 100% Satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk.

BicMax Bath Toy Organizer
is available at Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or a
discounted price from bicmax. Regardless, all opinions expressed are
my honest opinions based on my personal experiences. 

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