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Friday, April 29, 2016

Working His Way Back!

Cody went in for a post-op appointment to his surgeon last Wednesday. All looked good. He's kept his nose moist with saline solution so no suction was needed...a relief on his part. He still has to be careful for another month to be sure not to bump or injure it in anyway.

His throat looked good also. Amen. He has cough up several stitches since surgery and he was worried about that but his Dr. said the stitches just don't hold in there very good,, and that's common.
The weird part that I was totally unprepared for and we weren't told about, we found out was completely natural.
The first few days he wanted everything cold, ice cream, jello, popsicles, juice - which was good because it helped keep the swelling down.
Then those things became too cold and he couldn't eat them. Juice became to thin, as did water. He couldn't stand the consistency of jello anymore. We switched to pudding. which seemed to do OK for a few days, then that made his tongue burn.
It's all from the nerves reconnecting at different parts at different rates.
He thought he could handle some overcooked pasta with butter. I picked up some mini shells and he swallowed it whole. It had to be room temperature, anything else hurt.

We've finally found that Capri Sun at room temp is about the right amount he can drink at one time - at room temp.
So far he has lost 14 pounds in one week.

The Dr. gave him more pain meds, I asked for pills this time so the Medicare would cover it. Told him I couldn't afford $300 for the liquid Vicodin and that we've been putting his maintenance meds, one at a time, in a big spoon of pudding and he's been getting them down that way.
He goes back in 2 weeks for another check up.
Dr. said he should start feeling belter soon.
I sure hope so, this has been the roughest recovery from a surgery I have seen and I have seen and been caretaker for many surgeries.

On the bright side, it's one heck of a diet!

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