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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our K9 Yellow Bark Collar with Case Review #YellowBarkCollarWithCase

I have a Red Dobie/Corgi mix that is my protector ~ from blowing leaves, cars driving by, anything, nothing ~ she sticks her nose between the mini blinds and stands her guard.
She mans the front while my other two man the side and back. Quite a team, until one or the other instigate a barking chain!

So when I was asked to review Our K9 Yellow Bark Collar with Case by OurK9, I actually thought about it. At first I thought OMG I'm not shocking my dog! But after further research and reading their description I learned it's not a shock collar. Well, I like that.
This bark collar works off air pressure and not sound.

''The Our K9 Vibration Bark Collar stops barking with progressively increasing Sound and Vibration which is controlled by a Microprocessor and automatically delivers correction after each bark. It does not work off the sound of your dogs bark but from air pressure delivered through a small hole in the back of the collar. Therefore the fitting of the collar is VITAL if the collar is to work correctly… When the collar is fitted correctly IT DOES NOT MOVE… You can slide just one finger under the collar. If it is NOT FITTED CORRECTLY it will go on randomly and NOT when your dog barks…''

Bella demonstrating correct placement

The lightweight control unit has a reflective collar that glows in the dark for safety. The unit comes in a very nice case to keep the collar in when not in use.
You do have to assemble it but their website and videos are very detailed and my son had no trouble. After assembly and correct placement, your dog wear the collar without batteries to get used to wearing it. When your dog no longer notices it is there you can then insert the batteries and adjust the setting.

We adjusted it to the lowest setting. 
Needless to say I was pretty nervous.
It startled her the first few times.
Now she stops and thinks and is responding very well.
When going for walks she'll bark once, I'll tell her "NO" and she'll stop. Surprised the heck out of me the first time! She no longer needs to wear the collar during walks. I believe it's very important to follow all the directions for a successful outcome.

What The Bark Collar Actually does when Your Dog Barks

''On the 1st Bark ~ 1.5 Second Beep
2nd Bark within 40 seconds  ~ 2.5 Second Beep
3rd Bark within 40 seconds ~ 4 Second Beep then .5 sec Vibration
4th Bark within 40 seconds ~ 4 Second Beep then 1 sec Vibration
5th Bark within 40 seconds ~ 4 Second Beep then 1.5 sec Vibration
6th Bark within 40 seconds ~ 4 Second Beep then 2 sec Vibration
7th Bark within 40 seconds
~ 4 Second Beep then 3 sec Vibration

The collar will now enter sleep mode for 1 minute
If your dog does not bark within the 40 sec limit then the collar will revert back to number 1

The use of the warning tone followed by increasingly intense tones and vibration stimuli sets up a
pattern that your dog will quickly learn is caused by its own barking. It takes time to break bad habits.

When your dog forgets and barks again, the warning tone reminds your pet without immediately applying any stimulus. At each step, your dog gets to choose whether it's worth the increasing
discomfort to bark again. We have found this technique of progressively increasing sound and vibration is not only more humane, it is more EFFECTIVE in breaking the barking habit than
conventional shocking bark control collars.

Our K9 Vibration Bark Collar can be adjusted to control the sensitivity of your dogs bark, according to the size of dogs barking.''

1 YEAR WARRANTY - Enjoy an Exclusive 1 Year Un-Limited Warranty. Get a Top Quality Branded Product at an Affordable Price and Try it Risk-Free for 30 Days....

Our K9 Yellow Bark Collar with Case is available at Amazon 

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or a
discounted price from OurK9. Regardless, all opinions expressed are
my honest opinions based on my personal experiences. 

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