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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FMG 2015 July Project Challenge

Each July Flea Market Gardening members decide on a garden project that we've wanted to do for the longest time,...

and DO it!

This year I chose to turn our bentwood rocker
into a platform birdfeeder.
 I was literally chomping at the bullet afraid I wouldn't get this simple project done. But I finished it this weekend! I pair of Mourning Doves have set up residency in my garden this year but they were having difficulty with the bird feeders. I knew I needed a platform feeder and this bentwood rocker idea came to mind just and I was contemplating tossing it. It turned out perfectly - for all included!

When we cleared out the farm after my parents passed my middle son had to have their bentwood rocker. It has since passed it's prime and he had reluctantly given his permission to toss it. I knew he really didn't want to.

Enter the Doves.

Thank goodness my light bulb works every so often. A little paint, sealer, some scrap 2x2's frame a piece of scrap screen,

an image and a piece of scrap wood for a cute sign ~ yeah we have a lot of scraps (they do come in handy). Wedged against one of my Dad's railroad ties so it's nice and sturdy and doesn't rock -  And my son is happy with the memories it brings him when he looks at it

and the Doves are happy to be able to get to the seed easier.

Being the shy creatures they are, 
they are still getting used
 to it but are coming around quickly.


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