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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door Review ~ #magneticscreendoor

Answer to my prayers!
 I have sliding glass doors that lead to the back yard. The sliding screen door that came with the house has always had an issue with the spline staying in place to hold the screen. Needless to say the screen has been flapping in the breeze!

Not very useful at keeping bugs out!


I had seen this product before and had wondered if it could be installed in my screen door frame, since the dogs have become used to walking through the flapping screen.
I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone.

So I was thrilled to be chosen to review

I was impressed with how easy it was to install,  a lot of products say that, but it's actually true with Easy Install, great company name btw ;)
  I was a little concerned about the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door since Mother Nature is blessing us with some good rain storms this year, but the rain hasn't bothered it a bit. We like to listen to the rain and now are able to open the sliding door and keep those clingy winter flies outside! 
When the sun peeks through we're able to enjoy the clean smelling fresh air too. 

 My pets can still go in and out as they please, we do have a dog door but they prefer the human door, of course!


Katie wondering if it's ok to go through the new screen

 Yes, it is!

Nothing holds Bella back!

I love that I was able to adapt it to my sliding screen door. The screen itself is nice and solid, good weight, not flimsy like was in there before. I'm now able to keep the screen door closed at all times because I can walk right through it. No more sliding back and forth, it falling off the rollers and fighting to get it back on!

Being able to walk through with your hands full is a dream, especially taking food out to and from the BBQ!

Watching those strong magnets close still amazes me.
I think I could watch it close by itself all day! LOL

What You'll Receive:

Unrivaled Quality

✓ Strong magnets sewn in, to provide seamless automatic closure
✓ High quality micro mesh keeps the smallest bugs out
✓ Easy install bug screens have been developed to stay up and withstand heavy traffic

Multiple Uses

✓ Can be used in all homes for effective pest control
✓ Great for use in RVs
✓ Fits easily where swing doors cannot fit

Benefits of Mega Mesh

✓ Magnetic hands-free entry
✓ Pet friendly access
✓ The low-cost way to economically cool your home
✓ Protection for your family from invading insects
✓ Easy installation
✓ Optional push-pin fixings included


✓ EASY TO INSTALL and REMOVE - No tools required. SIZE 36"x83" - FITS DOOR UP TO 34"x82" MAX. Our magnetic screen door is easy to install on various surfaces.

✓ IDEAL FOR PET OWNERS - Pets will learn to use the magnetic screen door in minutes, so no getting up and down to let them in and out.

✓ OPENS AND CLOSES WITH EASE Mega Mesh uses 26 strong magnetic points of contact so it opens and closes automatically
✓ 100% 'BUG FREE' SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident in Mega Mesh we offer a no questions asked 12 month money back guarantee.

Where do you think you could use a Mega Mesh in your home?
Do you live in a rental where you aren't able to have a 'real' screen door?  
Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install
gets a BIG 2 thumbs up!
 The Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door can be purchased on AMAZON by clicking HERE

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using MegaMesh. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I've always wondered how well these worked, thanks for the review.

  2. You're welcome. I had always wondered too! It's still up and working great :)


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