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Monday, September 1, 2014

More on Infused Spa Waters

I've been broadening my horizons since my last post on
I've figured out what to do with some of my Grapes...
Make infused water!

You could use red or green Grapes, but since I have Thompson Seedless coming out of my ears that's what I used.
I cut each Grape in half and threw about a couple good sized handfuls in. Since Grapes have a mild flavor, I didn't even bother measuring.
I had purchased a pineapple and had some leftover so I threw in a small handful, I didn't want the Pineapple to overpower the grapes.

Let is sit till the next day and yummy!
I still had some Pineapple left so I threw the rest in along with Strawberries. A light tropical flavor, but need to watch how much Pineapple you throw in, as it can over power!

My Cucumbers are coming in, more than that first lonely one!
 I tried Cucumber, Mint and Lemon.
I have Mint in my garden and my neighbor gave me some Lemons off her tree. Cost - zip!
The flavor was  mile yet invigorating, probably from the Lemon and Mint ;)
My neighbor also gave me some frozen Lemon juice she squeezed from the her Lemons, so when the fresh ones are gone I'll try that. But when using the whole Lemon you get the oils from the rind too. 
But my all time fav is Watermelon!
Tastes like Summer!
Confession, I don't know what others do, but I always eat the fruit/veggies that makes it into my glass or is left over when the waters gone. Waste not want not!


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