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Thursday, April 24, 2014

''Sage Is the Rage''

Yes, it seems I'm borrowing a title from one of the
 ''Long Island Medium'' 's episodes.
We went on a road trip a while back.
While out exploring, we came across wild White Sage.
Lots and lots of huge plants everywhere.
We decided to pull over and pick some.
Brought the branches home and hung them in the kitchen.

It sure smelled good while they were hanging there.

I thought I'd try to root some and they seem to have taken off!

The next day I made Smudging Bundles. 

Then placed them on the top of the
cabinet in my bedroom to dry.

I kept any leaves that fell off because
 you can Smudge with them too.

I'd been thinking of Smudging, then Blessing the house
for quite a while now to remove
ALL the negative energy that has resided here.
I wanted to purge the house of all it's negative items
prior to the Smudging.

We decided to proceed last weekend.

We lit white candles in each room.

Opened windows and doors.

First we smudged the entire house,
starting at the back of the house and going clockwise..
Every corner and closet.
Garage and attic.
Repeating our Affirmation as we went.

When done, we salted all the entrances - doors and windows.
Placed bowls of salt in each room to absorb any negative energy left over, then throwing them out 24 hours later.

Next was the Epiphany House Blessing.
Above the front door in chalk we wrote the Magi's initials, the four crosses of the Seasons and the Numerals of the year.
We prayed and sprinkled Holy Water all around the entrance.
Again, starting at the back of the house and going clockwise,
we entered each room and said that particular rooms Blessing.
We Blessed each room by sprinkling Holy Water all around it.

I was raised Catholic but have an open mind to other beliefs.
There seemed to be a heaviness in this house, but now it feels so much lighter. And for the first time in a long time I feel content.
I even feel lighter.

I know some will say it's all in my mind. I don't care.
I was at the point that I needed to do something.
That is the reason I did different ones from different religions/beliefs.
I wanted ALL my bases covered.

I believe these rituals have made my home peaceful,
full of love and light. This was the first time I have ever done any of these.  I had seen smudging and salting on TV. But when my Sister sent me her Church's bulletin that had the Epiphany House Blessing on the front page, I took it as a sign that the time was right.

I am so glad I followed through with what I had been thinking about doing. I plan to cleanse the house on a regular basis.

Those of you who follow me know the negativity I have dealt with for so long.  I have decided not to pursue anything further. It's not fair to me, but for my piece of mind it's the conclusion I've made. 

This unfamiliar feeling of final closure and contentment is something I will need to get used to.
Fingers crossed that I won't need to deal with that ''certain'' negativity again.

Like I said, fingers crossed. ;)

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  1. Hi Deb, Congrats to you on taking a stand and giving freedom to your burdens by lightening your home of all the negative forces. Good for you!! I am sure you feel a lot better and feel refreshed.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    Best wishes to better days my friend.


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