Dragonfly Treasure: Bed/Craft Room Combo , part 4
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bed/Craft Room Combo , part 4

Continued from here

Looking into the vanity area .
The Soda boxes over the doorway from Dad's Shop
now hold my Postcard collection and other sentiments.

On the right, yes another box from Dad,
this one held Produce from Portugal at one time.
Now it holds a variety of things including postcards from Portugal.
My dresser from when I was a child sits on the left.

The second drawer folds down to reveal the desk
where I did homework years ago.

This is where my ignored Orchid resides
and thrives :)

Nope no new paint for my old dresser.
I left it the way it was to remind me what,
at the time I thought was cool,
to turn the handles and mark through the paint.
I made complete circles on a couple of the bottom ones
 (you can see in the above photo)
AHHH! Kids!!!!

Love my faux Freesia basket:)

A photo of when my kiddos were much younger.
Embellished frame by me :)

Shelves on the left holds jars of more supplies
and needfuls.

 It's hard to see but I have a mirror, which has Flamingos on it, hanging over the vanity mirror. This Flamingo mirror hung in my Parents living room for years while I was growing up.

Bird plates dot the area above the vanity lights
while bird houses hang in each corner.

I wake up to photos of my Parents and
my Sister and I each morning,

along with another embellished clock I made. 

 A curio holds vintage vanity items that belonged to my several members of my family.
A wooden heart holds some necklaces. 

Yes, another of Dad's boxes.
This one was painted and now holds nail polish
and other misc. items.

 Below the curio and box are 2 stacked fruit crates which hold my jewelry case. The 2 wooden cigar boxes hold makeup then more supplies nestle below.

 Inside the bath area doilies, my Grandmother made, decorate a wicker shelf that holds vintage along with newer vanity items. My small watering can collection hides hair pins, etc. 
A larger one holds washcloths.

Candle melts and tea lights are stored close at hand.
An art bouquet of Flowers my Daughter made
for me for Mother's Day years ago.
 Each petal has a sweet saying on it. 
3 stacked fruit crates hold a sweet heart shaped basket, a jar of my Grandmothers unfinished crochet projects,
extra TP,

extra bars of soap
and a chamber pot that belonged to my Grandmother.
It now holds other hidden needfuls ;)

The conclusion is next, yes, finally!


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