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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Purex in the Lead Again!

I tell ya those people over at Purex are at the top of their game! They come up with the most brilliant ideas for us.
How do they know our needs?
Well, they must have been reading my mind the other day when I was thinking about washing my dogs winter warmies, beds, and blankets.
  New Purex Fresh Pet Detergent for Pet Clothing!
Being a pet lover there's not much I wouldn't do to keep them comfy and cozy. Some detergents are just too strong for their sensitive skin, that's why I was so surprised and excited to receive this cutting edge Product in the mail.
Not only does Purex Fresh Pet promises to keep my dogs clothing bright and clean just like my families but it has Odor Control! Something I may need to try with certain other members of the family! LOL
New Purex Fresh Pet Detergent is a premium liquid pet clothing formula that is specially formulated to condition and moisturize your pet's coat and eliminate odor while they wear their favorite outfits.
I wasn't surprised when I opened it to add to the washing machine that it had such a nice clean fragrance. Not overly perfumey like some doggie colognes they make for canines. YUK!
Bella's t-shirt came out bright and so soft.
She curled up right away and seemed so cozy.
We've gone from Spring to the Winter that didn't show up this year. We've been having such crazy weather here. Going to rainy and colder, Bella got out of having a bath the other day. I do have to admit she smelled better even after her t-shirt came off later that day!
A big plus.  ;) 
 Their blankets were added to the load also.
I think Katie likes the soft smell and feel too!  
It's been colder at night, so Bella needed her Snuggie on.
She takes it off during the night usually, but since using Purex Fresh Pet Detergent, she's been keeping it on all night!
Another thing I noticed is that her skin isn't as flaky as usual. The Winter weather dries it out. I think Purex Fresh Pet Detergent has really helped keeping her skin moisturized.
Katie and her blankets - she loves to nestle even more down inside since they come out so soft and comfy thanks to Purex. Once she has made her nest you can't get her to move! And she knows she's in my chair! But at least she and my chair now smell nice :) 
Katie is ready to go for a walk and strut her stuff with her fresh clean coat and hat!

and Bella
show their appreciation!
*Kiss, kiss* 

''Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Fresh Pet detergent for Pet Clothing in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.”

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