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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bed/Craft Room, part 2

I've decided to share more of my combo room.
It's been three years and will probably take another three before I have it the way I want it.  I shared a bit of it here
So this is what has been done so far.
Dresser from side of the road. 
Given a paint job.

I still need to add knobs to the drawers.
The book shelf on top left was found in my parents garage during the clean out. Fruit lugs stacked on top right to make more shelves. 
The drawers hold supplies; craft paint, scrapbook paper, fiberfill, and styrofoam shapes, just to name a few.

My laptop (Thank you Brandon!) sits on Mom's old laundry basket, (bottom left) that's filled with gifted novelty pillows,
at the ready for those sleepless nights.
The baskets in the cubbies hold paper punches, cello bags, and more. Love the picket fence planter turned doily catch all.
A couple of lamp shades waiting for inspiration and my fav old bear I found at the thrift in Kodiak Alaska. 

The very top of the book case keeps my two vintage lamp shades safe until I find another. I need three to replace the ceiling lights in the hall. I love that they don't match. Each is an artwork in and of itself. The old painted picnic basket keeps faux flowers out of sight.

The book shelf holds more supplies, 
some hidden inside containers and some displayed,
along with family photos.


Dad had a bunch of these boxes in his shop.
Each held sorted parts.
I wanted to use them and ended up just
 hanging them on the wall as is.
I didn't want to paint over his handwritten "labels".
Yep, more supplies inside the containers.

Baby photos of my sister and I top the fruit lugs.
I've draped one of Mom's rosaries over each photo.
A glitter globe with an Angel inside takes center stage.

The ceramic basket holds my essential oils.
An inspirational card from my sister and her husband 
stands to the left along with some dried flowers.
A vintage car vase hangs on the side.

Another one of  Dad's boxes turns into a holder for candles.
This one got a makeover.

This box was from a friend. Love the painted flowers. Makes for a great background for displaying some of my Treasures.

My second favorite birdcage.
Love the birdies on the sides.
Cages hang throughout my room.



A spice rack holds essential oil sprays, glitter, and more.
Hang tags I've received from online friends tie along the bottom.

This gorgeous willow basket was 25 cents at a garage sale!
 It holds a ton of faux fruit.
My security monitor, that I can view from my bed,
 gives me peace of mind.

Whew, that's half of one of my walls. 
I think I packed a lot into that space.

More to come here.....


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