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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Such Good News

Katie went in for a Dental Cleaning at the vet yesterday. February is Dental month at our vet and you receive a great discount. I knew Katie needed a tooth pulled, so made her an appointment for a cleaning and an extraction.
Since she is 10 now, and also because it is procedure, she received lab work. The results weren't as good as they could be.

Her CBC came back high. In Nov. of last year it was at 700. It is  now 910. Normal is 300-500. This makes her more at risk for blood clots, an embolism, etc. So she will be adding Aspirin therapy to her arsenal of medications. She also had an elevated Calcium level which points to Cushings Disease or Bone Cancer.
Cushings Disease means her adrenalin gland is producing too much cortisol, possibly from the gland itself or a tumor.
The next step is diagnostics to see if it can be determined what exactly is going on. She has no symptoms so far for either.
So xrays and ultrasound will be done after I save enough money to afford them. If it is cancer, we will do what we have in the past when this has occurred in our other fur babies. Medications to slow it down, like with Toby. And as long as she isn't suffering make her last chapter as happy and comfortable as possible...
until it is no longer so.

If it should be Cushings, and I understood correctly, the same treatment is used for both a tumor and over producing adrenal gland. The adrenal gland has 3 layers. She would take medication to kill the tumor or just the outer layer of the gland, depending on which is the issue. It is kind of tricky so she would be monitored closely.
But we aren't there yet, just possibilities to get my head wrapped  around. She has been my constant shadow and would not know what to do without her. BUT like I keep reminding myself we are not there yet. And there is a possibility neither will show up with the diagnostics.  I asked what I could do in the mean time to aid in some type of help. Sam-e was recommended as well as a low protein dog food. SO today after C's Orthopedist appointment We sill be stopping off to pick those up.
In the meantime she is recuperating from her extracted tooth. She moaned and cried from the time I picked her up from the vet until she fell asleep last night. Then she moaned in her sleep. She has had 2 extracted teeth in previous years and didn't act like this. She even shakes when the other dogs come by, as if to say "don't touch me, don't' touch me!". She insisted on being held, so I held her all evening until we went to bed. She did eat and drink a bit last night, peed and pooped, so all is working ;)
This morning she ate and took her meds like a trooper. But still moans and cries from time to time. BUT she is enjoying all the undivided attention she is receiving. 
I have all the confidence in the world with our Vet team. I am so blessed to have such a great team including the super terrific staff.
They have never failed to be there for us at all times, day or night.

I'm sure Katie will be back to her old self in a few days and assume her position as Alpha Queen of the house.


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